Computational Design

The first week of Computational Design at CIID we welcomed Patrick Kochlik, from The Product. On Monday, he presented a selection of works and gave us a short introduction to the history of Computational Design. Different fields have explored this discipline, such as graphic design, typography, fashion design, product design (check Fly Lamp) or architecture.

As a first exercise, we became instruction processors, executing the ‘code’ written by a colleague using blue and white tape.

Result of the code I wrote and Dean executed

Result of the code I wrote and Dean executed

The next days we used Processing as a tool to design interfaces and applications. OpenCV helped us to develop a bunch of small applications with face/eye/body recognition. One example is an application which allows to control the volume and pan of the music by moving your head forwards/backwards and left/right.


For the last couple of years I’ve been surprised about the power of Processing for designing interactive applications, visualise data, or simply… do art. I’m specially attracted by organic images created using Processing. 1, 2 and 3 examples from Eno Henze. Some of these pieces have a high similarity with some art created by elements of the nature. There are other artists that achieve similar results as computer-made artworks with a totally analog approach.

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