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Introduction to Interaction Design

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

The 3rd week at CIID we received Matt Cottam, co-founder of Tellart.  The goal was to “introduce us to core concepts involved with interaction design” through an analog experience, with any use of technology. The course was structured to work on different small projects covering different topics, as well as film viewings and discussions.

During the week we run a project in parallel to the short ones: “What is a switch?”. We were asked to create at least 20 switches using scraps we found around us. We worked until late at night, converting our tables in a coloured mess of pieces of everything. By Friday we had a broad collection of switches, ranging from a simple contact of two pieces of paper, to high elaborated and complex artifacts.




On Day 3 we designed icons for “add a friend” and “unfriend” buttons for a social network interface. After brainstorming around what these concepts mean in different environments and groups of people, each of us created a mural 24×24 post-its in a selected surface. Here my process and result:


We explored other fields of interaction design with the other assignments, such as cities as platforms, visualisation of virtual relationships, mobile application for arrange a meeting or re-design of an old interface.



I experienced this week as a perfect warm up for the whole programme, regarding both content and intensity.

Other pictures of the projects developed this week here.